Burn brighter, get stronger, tougher, clearer, fiercer, sharper and more determined than ever by learning to turn your obstacles into opportunities

Come along on this remarkable journey with 30 of the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs who have written personal and intimate letters to their younger selves about what they’ve learned on their roundabout journey to success; especially the trials they’ve had to overcome which led to their greatest triumphs.

In The Younger Self Letters you’ll hear from an incredible group of leaders, visionaries, CEO’s and entrepreneurs who have literally turned obstacles into opportunities in order to achieve their dreams and goals.

In the superficial world of social media we often ONLY see the success or result people are having without being privy to the years of hard work, sacrifice, trials, tribulations, obstacles and perseverance that got them to where they are.

In The Younger Self Letters these vulnerable authors unveil the journey like you have never seen or had access to before.  They are literally opening the curtain so you can see behind the scenes and learn the most profound lessons from everything they went through.

If you’re ready to be inspired and to connect with the fiercest leaders so you can apply their wisdom and use it achieve your own success, and turn negatives into positives, then click the BUY NOW button and let’s take this powerful journey together.


About the Publishers

Michelle Kulp helps leaders, visionaries, CEOs, and entrepreneurs write bestselling books they can use to build their businesses and attract highly-aligned dream clients.

Michelle is the CEO and founder of the Bestselling Author Program and has written and published more than 20 bestselling books. She has also helped over 300 authors write, publish, and launch books that grow their business.  

Michelle Kulp

Adriana Monique Alvarez is an international bestselling author who has appeared in Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living, Addicted2Success, Elephant Journal, FOX, ABC, and NBC. She teaches women how to start six figure publishing houses from her hometown in Colorado where she is renovating her grandparents' home and learning to homestead with her husband Derek, and two sons, Sam and Grant.

Adriana Monique Alvarez